DC-DC понижающий регулируемый (LM2596) no-brand b8ba0d45-ac0d-11e3-b

150 руб.

Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down / Buck charge module. 
Chip Made in Taiwan: Good quality, big current, small heat, strong load 
Rectifier method: Non-synchronous rectification 
Input Voltage: DC 4.5~35 V 
Output Voltage: DC 1.25~30 V ( adjustable, O/p Voltage < I/p Voltage by 2V ) 
Output Current: Rated 3A, 5A Max 
Input Current: 5A Max 
The minimum voltage difference: 2V 
Output Power: Natural cooling 20W, Max 25W == input voltage * 3A * efficiency% 
Efficiency: Max 92% (up 92%, eg input :24V output: 17V 2A n: 92% ) 
Output Ripple: 20M Bandwidth, 0.07mV (MAX) 
Full Load temperature rise: 40 ? 
Potentiometer adjustment direction: clockwise (increase), counterclockwise (decrease) 
No-load Current: Typical 15mA 
Switching Frequency: 150KHz 
Load Regulation: ± 0.5% 
Voltage Regulation rate: ± 0.5% 
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS 
Output Short-circuit Protection: Yes, Automatic recovery 
Input Reverse Protection: None 
Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ? to +85 ?) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation) 
Size: 50 x 25 x 23 mm ( L*W*H )